In 2016 while performing in Hawaii with Ukestralia, Carol spotted a Japanese group using clear plastic music clips on the end of their ukuleles. Despite the language barrier, Carol and a member of the Japanese group understood one another, and Carol was given a clip.

Since then, Carol has sourced a supplier and has been selling them at every festival she attends. At the 2016 Newuklele Festival, she sold out! - And all proceeds went to the Festival - WOW!

Carol is again raising money for the 2018 Newkulele Festival by selling these far and wide, she has even shipped interstate. To date, she has raised more than $550 to donate to the 2018 Newkulele Festival.

But wait, there’s more. . . Carol has expanded her product line and had brought in a solar powered inflatable light. Perfect for camping at festivals, throwing in the pool, attaching to your bike or giving as a gift. All proceeds from Carol's venture are donated to the 2018 Newkulele Festival. We couldn’t be more grateful.

If you would like to purchase a cheat sheet music holder ($8.00) or an inflatable light ($11.00), please send Carol a message at: - she would be only too delighted to do business.